*** 50/50 Winning Ticket from our raffle at Step Out Buffalo’s Big Fat Bar Crawl that happened on June 25, 2017: 0095414 ***

If you have the winning ticket, please email Angeline Walker, Development Director at angie@compeerbuffalo.org a photo of you and your ticket to collect your winnings!


Compeer recruits, screens, and matches trained volunteers and mentors in one-to-one supportive friendship relationships with children, adults, military veterans and seniors who are striving for good mental health.

Our wonderful volunteers and mentors become positive role models, help raise self-esteem, increase social and communication skills, and encourage independence for their Compeer friends. Compeer provides a fun flexible volunteer opportunity that fits into your current lifestyle. There are endless rewards and opportunities for personal growth and satisfaction when you join the Compeer family.

Consider volunteering today and give only 1 hour of your time each week!

Purpose Statement: Promoting good mental health through meaningful friendships.

Values: Respect • Trust • Hope • Support • Empowerment