Celebrating AmeriCorps Week 2019 – Part One

March 10-16, 2019 is AmeriCorps Week. We are proud to partner with AmeriCorps, helping to provide opportunities for members to “Get Things Done.” This is part one of two posts highlighting our great AmeriCorps team members. 

Compeer Buffalo hosts three AmeriCorps ABLE members serving our Lackawanna Leaders program, providing group and one-on-one mentoring to middle and high school students.

Malcom Bulls – Lackawanna Leaders, High School

Malcolm Bulls chose to pledge a year of service with AmeriCorps because he deeply believes in giving back to his community. He brings warmth wherever he goes and quickly earns the trust of the youth he works with.

Malcolm not only supports the Lackawanna Leaders program but is known for helping students who drop-in because they are experiencing a crisis or having a bad day. Malcolm has lent support to a young man who is in his senior year, working part time and raising a baby. He encourages another young man who got invited to a prestigious Yale program. He listens to a young lady who is new to the school and struggling to make friends.

When not at the school Malcolm can be found helping at Compeer Engagement Activities, especially at the monthly drum circle making some cool beats along with our friends!

Hannah Kroll-Haeick – Lackawanna Leaders, Middle School

Hannah Kroll-Haeick is a ray of light with the best sense of humor! She has tremendous passion for the students she mentors, often bringing in her own supplies to encourage their artistic side.

She is fluent in Spanish, making it easier to connect with many Spanish-speaking students. Hannah is known for going above-and-beyond, helping teachers in the classroom including Spanish class. She is a loved member of the school community! When Hannah was out sick for a week the students asked about her every day.

Hannah is well known for launching an Intro to Spanish session at our Compeer Engagement Activities, which was a huge hit!

Arwa Yossif – Lackawanna Leaders, Middle School

Arwa Youssif brings the calm and steady on the AmeriCorps team! She can be quiet, but the students have so much trust and respect for her. She spends countless hours on preparing creative group activities to highlight social-emotional learning lessons, such as an activity using cups and rubber bands to encourage teamwork!

Arwa is very dedicated and jumps in to help wherever needed. She has assisted with multiple Compeer group activities and field trips, even getting stuck in the mud with us at a pumpkin farm this past Fall!