Celebrating Friendship – Phyllis & Chelsea

Phyllis is an amazing woman.

She is kind, social, adventurous, and always willing to try new experiences and new food.

Phyllis is also visually impaired, making it hard to get around leaving her pretty isolated and quite down.

Chelsea, a physical therapy student, was looking for a way to volunteer in the community and was particularly interested in helping older adults.

After completing volunteer training Chelsea and Phyllis met in December 2016, becoming fast friends.

Chelsea would bring Phyllis to Compeer-hosted events like the Halloween Party, enjoy trips to the apple orchard and outdoor concerts, and attend church or get groceries together.

Over the last two years Chelsea has helped Phyllis to feel less alone which has reduced her feelings of sadness.

“It’s like having a little sister around!” shared Phyllis.

And just as Chelsea has supported Phyllis in her growth, Phyllis too has been supportive of Chelsea and her studies. Even though she would tell Chelsea that school comes first, Chelsea always made time for her friend.

Chelsea recently shared exciting news with Phyllis – upon graduation from her physical therapy program she had received a job offer! Unfortunately, that offer would require her to move out of town bringing their regular get-togethers to an end.

Phyllis enjoys being out and about, and needs to keep active to avoid feeling down.

As their friendship winds down, our team will be working to keep Phyllis engaged in our regular activities and hopefully introduce her to a new friend soon.

Could that be you?