Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Here are some fun tips inspired by some great songs to assist you in planning a successful activity with a child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD:

“Time after time”
Children with ADD/ADHD have a tough time moving from one task to the next. Try giving advanced warning about any changes, for example – “You need to be ready to go in 5 minutes”.

“Step by step”
If a project is too big, break it into smaller and easier sections. Rewards can help motivate a child to move to the next step and complete the project.

“A,B,C, easy as 1,2,3”
Begin by setting clear limits/rules, so that the child will understand the consequences for both good and inappropriate behavior.

“Like a rock”
Always provide structure and consistency.

“We can work it out”
Work with your friend’s family and therapist at achieving goals.

“Let the good times roll”
Create and maintain a positive environment.

“Rock around the clock”
Keep Time! Using a timer can help a child be more focused on what he/she is supposed to do.

“I did it my way”
Allow extra time for your friend to do things on his/her own. Tasks may take longer, but he/she will benefit from the trust and independence that result.

“Boys will be boys”
Everyone needs to burn off some steam, and kids need time to be kids… to laugh, play, run and climb. Sports can help children harness their energy and learn to focus it when they need to.

“Don’t worry be happy”
Don’t forget to LAUGH! Rewards and structure are good but laughing is just as important.