Worksite Wellness Programs

Employee Skill Building: Creating a Healthy Mind

Coping with Work and Family Stress: A Workplace Intervention

This evidence based SAMSHA approved 12-week onsite training was developed at Yale University and is based on a tripartite conceptual model of adaptive coping behavior: attacking the problem, rethinking the problem, and managing the stress. The model is derived from Pearlin and Schooler’s (1978) hierarchy of coping mechanisms: 1) responses that change the situation; 2) responses that control the meaning of the stressful experience; and 3) responses that function to control stress after it has emerged. The aim is to teach employees behavioral, social, and cognitive coping strategies to modify work and family risk and protective factors, given the relationship of these factors to psychological symptoms and substance use. Studies investigating the effectiveness of the intervention have demonstrated positive effects of the intervention on employees’ reported stressor levels, active and avoidance coping strategies, and psychological symptoms and substance use.

Module 1: Problem Solving (four sessions)

Module 2: Promoting Effective Communication (four sessions)

Module 3: Enhancing Social Support (four sessions)

Module 4: Cognitive Restructuring and Self-Monitoring (seven sessions)

Module 5: Stress Management: Healthy Lifestyles and Stress Reduction (six sessions)


Mindful Eating (MB- EAT)

This 10-week research based mindful eating training can help bring balance to how we eat. It will allow participants to gain both “inner wisdom” (how your mind and body responds) and “outer wisdom” (nutrition information and personal needs). We all eat, sometimes mindlessly, often in a hurry, or just eating what is in front of us because it’s there. Mindfulness can help better connect the mind to the body and help us slow down, connect and move from reacting to responding.

On the Move Platform

This is an online turnkey platform that sets employees on a purpose-driven course. The platform will help push employees to move more, assess their progress and create a support system to achieve overall well-being. This platform allows employees to sync their move wear devices to create friendly competition within an organization.

Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

Brought to you by Power Yoga Buffalo

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can be helpful in the workplace to help connect the mind to the body while teaching participants relaxation techniques. Yoga can be a great form of exercise to bring to your workplace because it is low impact and does not require much equipment. Everything that you would need for the class will be brought to your organization (mats, blocks etc.). Each class will be customized based on the needs of your employees and organization. The instructors can focus on things such as: improving creativity, team building, commitment and taking a break.

These 30-60 minute classes will help bring mindfulness to your workplace:

Basics Class: Learn and apply the basics of yoga practice. You will develop strength, body awareness, flexibility and mindfulness no matter what your current level of experience or ability. Yoga is available to everyone, and the mission of this class is for each participant to feel great when they walk out the door to meet the challenges of the day ahead. This class will provide you with physical and mental tools to do that and more!

Restore/Renew/Balance: Take time to focus on yourself. This practice is a slower paced and gentle style which will give you the opportunity to go deep into poses, challenge your concentration and increase flexibility. It is the antidote to today’s fast paced environment. Take time to breathe, listen and relax. Amazing things can happen when we slow down and allow for greater focus.

Power Hour: Invigorate yourself and create new dynamic energy in a powerful Vinyasa flow class. Wake up every part of your body and mind and prepare to feel empowered! Moving with your breath will create a powerful combination of strength, lightness and focus. Experience for yourself the benefits of a challenging yoga practice.


Creating a Healthy Mind

These one hour workshops can help your employees improve their overall well-being. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of organizations.


Self-Care: The Mind-Body Connection

This session will focus on the connection between one’s mental health and work productivity. When it comes to wellness, the typical focus is on the physical component. However empirical evidence has shown that one’s mental health can directly affect a person’s physical well-being. There will be particular attention paid to how participants can manage daily stressors and remain emotionally healthy through such practices as meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques.


Workplace Well-Being

Mental health conditions cost the American economy billions of dollars annually due to loss of productivity and absenteeism. The ability to recognize signs of mental health disorders, especially depression and anxiety, as well as suicide, will be covered. Information will be provided on how to best address these issues proactively in order to help the employee regain his or her optimal output.


Mindful Eating (MB- EAT)

This mindful eating seminar can help bring balance to how we eat. It will allow participants to gain both “inner wisdom” (how your mind and body responds) and “outer wisdom” (nutrition information and personal needs). Often we are in a hurry, caught up socializing or just eating what is in front of us because it’s there. Mindfulness can help better connect the mind to the body to help us slow down, connect and move from reacting to responding.


Management and Leadership Trainings: Creating a Healthy Culture

Creating a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

These one hour workshops were created to help organizations know the impact of mental health issues in the workplace. They will help management and leadership to break the silence, break down the barriers to allow employees to get help and to create a culture of total well-being.

Bullying in the Workplace

While bullying is often associated with school- age youth, this type of behavior takes place in the workplace as well. This session will explore how bullying can affect workers’ mental health and lead to such disorders as depression and anxiety as well as ways to proactively address the problem. The workshop will also touch on the topic of harassment and how companies can be proactive in dealing with this issue.

All Work and No Play

Employee morale directly correlates to workplace productivity (Forbes, March 2013). Learn about practical and inexpensive ways to improve employee morale while helping them to become more engaged in their daily work.

Mental Health in the Workplace

This session will cover information on how managers can effectively implement wellness practices into their organizations day-to-day culture. Participants will be encouraged to “lead by example” and model healthy workplace behaviors.


Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA)

This 8-hour evidence based certification program provides participants with valuable information on how to identify symptoms of mental illness as well as how to intervene in the event of a mental health crisis. They will also learn a five-step action plan to assess a situation along with resources to get help for those in need.


Currently, we offer MHFA for adults, youth, veterans, older adults, and the higher education community.For further information contact Karl Shallowhorn at (716) 883-3331 or

“As part of our Learning and Development strategy at New Era Cap Company we provide learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics that help managers become more effective in their leadership role. During the summer of 2014 Karl Shallowhorn conducted several sessions on “Mental Health in the Workplace” for managers in our organization. We worked with Karl prior to the presentation to give him insight in to New Era and to discuss some of the key themes we wanted him to highlight in his presentation. Karl exceeded our expectations in the presentation, it was educational, informative and provided excellent examples of how managers might recognize and deal with problems. If you are looking for programs tailored to your organization that support the development of your employees, I’d recommend Karl as a great partner. He listens and is extremely effective in creating and delivering presentations to meet your needs.”

—JoAnn K Adams, VP Human Resources New Era Cap Company