Eddylees Guzman

“Have you ever found yourself walking down the street with a co-worker talking about how much you love your job? Well I have, being a Compeer employee for the last 3 years has had a HUGE Impact on my life and heart. From the services we provide, to the activities, and events we throw for our friends and volunteers, everything is just phenomenal. Just to know how much we mean to people, and how much people get from friendship, truly changes your outlook on life. Just to know that one person can make such a huge impact in someone’s life truly touches your heart. I mean, if you were walking down the street wouldn’t you say how much you love COMPEER!

I am passionate about our work because we always strive to help each other. We do our best to make people who are coping with mental health challenges feel welcome. At Compeer, we are a huge family and once you join our family, our friends & volunteers will always be a part of our Compeer family.

I always say if we can just help one person, just one, we can make the world a better place… one person at a time.

The greatest healing therapy is Friendship & Love!”