Compeer for the Military

Coming home can be hard, for both service members and their families. Learning to live with post-traumatic stress, a TBI, or a physical disability takes work – by both those who have been injured and the loved ones who take care of them.

Compeer supports our military and veterans through various programs aimed at improving their lives. We know that service members and veterans, as well as their families, need support and understanding in order to move forward with their lives and overcome any challenges they may face.


CompeerCORPS Program

The CompeerCORPS Program matches veterans in supportive one-to-one friendships. While veterans in need receive support, understanding, and encouragement in the community, trained veteran volunteers get the opportunity to engage in community service and experience self-worth by offering supportive friendships.

The CompeerCORPS Program helps to ensure that veterans have access to the knowledge and expertise in the community of individuals in ways that contribute to the veteran and the community at large.

Take a look at our program brochure, for more information.

If you are a veteran who wants to get involved, or know someone who needs support, please call (716) 883-3331.