Senior Testimonials

A seventy-five year old woman living in a group home has written that she “has found a dear friend and companion through Compeer. I am very satisfied and keep looking forward to our next time together. My volunteer is an answer to my prayers. Because of her, I have decided to get more involved in the community and I am starting to volunteer in my church. I am so much happier these days.”

An eighty-eight year old man tells us in his letters that Compeer and his volunteer and the Compeer Coordinator are his only friends. He looks forward to our contacts and lately, has been “living for them.”

A sixty-nine year old woman, who just experienced a severe crisis in her life, called to tell us that her volunteer “gave her the only kind voice in the world” and because of her, she had “hope”. The volunteer was an advocate for her in helping through this difficult time.

“I love my Compeer friend. I have been with her for 17 years and she brings so much joy to my life. We see each other once a week for lunch. It is that simple!”

“I love my Compeer volunteer! We go out once a week, rain or shine and take little road trips, stop for ice cream, have lunch, sometimes go shopping and most of the time, just laugh a lot!” “When I feel sad, I know I can call her, or the Compeer staff, and then I feel not so lonely anymore.”

“My Compeer friend Katie came today. She is so good to me. I was feeling sad, but then she picked me up and we went out for tacos! We drove around, listened to music and talked. We then came back to my house and she helped me understand some of my mail. When she left, I turned on the music and danced around my house. I only dance when I feel very happy!”

“It is scary being alone and getting older. I worry a lot. But having a Compeer friend makes a huge difference in my life. I can talk about everything with her. She always listens to me and I can tell she really cares.”

“I am new to Compeer. So far it has been great. They have many parties and fun events. I get to meet other people and make new friends. I am always looking forward to the next get-together so I can see my new friends!”